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Running for Those Who Can’t

Shocking. Tragic. Appalling. Unimaginable. Terroristic. Sad. Those are words that come to mind when I think of what happened in Boston yesterday but they still don’t do justice to how it left me and millions of others feeling in the wake of it.

As scary as it is, as sad as it makes one feel, I felt it was my duty to go on with life as normal today. At least in my actions. Yes, I certainly have thought a great deal about the victims and their families. I even think about the sick person who came up with such a horrifying plan but I know that the best thing I can do, the ONLY thing I can do is not to let people like that keep me from living.

Today, I took my son to the eye doctor and I had a super fun lunch date with him. We laughed, we smiled and we played.

We then came home, changed into a race shirt and honored victims of yesterdays Boston Marathon but taking to the roads ourselves.


2.62 miles for those lives lost, those who were injured both physically and emotionally. I felt proud that my little five year old was keeping up with me for a portion of the run/walk. He didn’t really know we were doing it for any other reason than being healthy and I didn’t feel there was any need to explain. Goodness knows, he will learn all about the terrible tragedies of this world soon enough. I sure don’t want him to learn any sooner than he has to, though.


Todays run was hard. It was mostly uphill, 85 degrees, humid and I was pushing 55 pounds in a jogger stroller 75% of the time. I was grunting and groaning but I almost enjoyed the pain. Sounds kind of silly, right?! Not to me. The pain is what reminds me that I am able to run while so many others cannot!!

Five years ago, I lost my brother to a rare disease. He was 34 years old and should have been in the prime of his life. That is when I first started running. I ran because I was sad and it helped me deal emotionally. But when I was out there, I felt like I was doing it for him, too. I knew that while he was fighting for his life, he would have done anything, and I mean anything to even hobble out of bed, just to walk one last time. After his death, I started running a lot more. Not competitively, but just for me. I felt a peace when I ran…..even on super hard runs. I was able to just let it all go and honestly, running was a HUGE part of my grieving process.

So my advice to you……if you are still reeling with shock over Boston, give it a try! Go out there and push yourself a little harder today. Not just for you but for them……..for those who would give anything to run one last time!!!

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2 thoughts on “Running for Those Who Can’t

  1. This really touched my heart Suzanne! I love that you took the time to go for a run with your adorable family in honor of the victims. I also enjoyed hearing your story of how running helped you cope with the loss of your brother. It was all beautifully written and thank you for sharing.

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